Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Anew blog.

I have a new blog, I feel it will be less restricting, it's about film too but also music, my life, art, philosophy, writers, the list goes on. Here's the link. I've only just started, so it isn't very good yet, but it might be once I get started.I'm sorry to say that if this other one goes anywhere, I'll probably delete this one and re post the posts I have already posted. I'll mention this from time to time, but that's just what might happen. So check that out, hope you like it, My regards.

Sorry folks.

I'm sorry this was late, My computer screwed up, and it said I couldn't publish it and I thought it was lost forever. So I stopped for a while after I lost the morale to do more posts, when I went to do one and I saw it in the drafts bank, isn't that great. I'm sure no one really cares but there you go.

Psycho in words.

Legendary director Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. It was made in the early 60's late fifties, I do this to keep it casual, I'm not writing an essay, so I can't write how I want, and I don't know when exactly, because I'm too lazy to check, plus it's irrelevant really. Moving on, Psycho is based around the murders and mutilations of the Psychotic, Ed Gein. He was obsessed with his mother, and when she died, he began to kill women. Sounds pretty routine, well, he uh, made ornaments out of there body parts, Jars, cups, bowls, a chair, constructed solely of human flesh and bone, a woman suit and a belt of nipples, were some of the horrors found in Ed Gein's house when he was arrested. The film, everything about this film is great down to the lighting. The film is edgy, tense and at times it'll make you jump, alot. The acting has no holes the story is flawless, so it's a film that's well worth watching. For those who like slasher films, this is where it began, those who like suspense, the whole film is suspense, even the opening credits, are somewhat unnerving. But the best bit is it's got a story, unlike the majority of horror films now. It broke ground for alot of film makers at the time, this is almost the Beatles of horror films. So go and find it, online is a great start, but renting's good to.And really enjoy the film.
And, if you can try and spot Hitchcock. Again, comments welcome, and if you get to here thanks for your time, I'm sure most people don't even bother,
                  so thankyou,  I  appreciate it.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The story.

We all know the story of frankenstein a plot synopsis would almost be a waste of time, so to get the jist, a scientist Dr Frankenstein, and his assistant, Igor, dig up a bunch of corpses cuts them up and stick the parts together to form a monster man. He gets loose and heads to town meeting a little girl along the way, he throws her into the river and runs away, the town form a mob and begin to chase the monster, they enclose on him at the windmill and that's about as much as one can give away. Again no one has done this but please post something to say you're watching these films, any requests, you like it, you hate it etcetera etcetera. So without further adieu my regards, until the next film see ya.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Before I get sued.

Yes, before my account is deleted or I am sued, I would like to mention that all my pictures are from the following sites,,,,,, though the majority from flickr, photobucket and weheartit. Please scroll down to see the real contents.
Sorry and thankyou.